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for your utility toolbox...
« on: May 26, 2018, 09:39:27 PM »
I just found the most useful utility:

PE Builder from It is a robust modern version of WINPE. This particular version comes with several handy utilities including a nice backup utility, and hard drive manager, among others. The program will automatically download WINPE for you then customize it with their wares.

Has a functional Desktop, where you can create shortcuts to your tools.

There is a 146 MB download and 72.5 MB download. I chose the 146 MB for more features.

If you know how to use either Dism.exe or Imagex.exe you can further customize WINPE with the utilities of your own choosing. (mount the boot.wim file read/write - add or remove features --  unmount and commit == I used Imagex for this)

It will either create an iso to burn to disk (can even help you with that) or you can use a flash drive. (I used a flash drive, for easy customizability of the boot.wim file)

Anyway, it can run masm32 from it. What I did was --> boot from WINPE then install masm32 on the X: drive. Copy the resulting masm32 folder (with all the libs and includes) to somewhere you can access it outside of WINPE environment.

reboot to your OS, then add the masm32 folder that you created from within WINPE, --- to the boot.wim file. (mountrw --add masm32 -- commit and unmounts -- imagex)

I got the 32 bit version of WINPE, but you can also get the 64 bit  version.

Running masm32 from WINPE is noticeably faster, no being bother by Windows Defender, MrT.exe (I pity da fool), etc...

Much better than the old BartPE.    :icon_cool:

zedd.      :biggrin:
Regards, zedd.