Author Topic: what tools did you use and do you use now?  (Read 91 times)


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what tools did you use and do you use now?
« on: June 30, 2018, 05:27:00 PM »
I thought we could Exchange what Tools you used when you started and still of old habit or because it still works great today still use and what you use today
and what new ways you learned later and now?
print out of code and documents on what I am about to code,for example dx9 sdk examples/tutorials in any language to read and understand and use anywhere too write code on the backside of paper
that I found that useful tool,at the beginning,the computer screens was limited to around 40x24 characters,you get more overview with a printout and someone printed out useful asm opcodes
asm opcodes charts:useful for understand how the cpu inner workings both yesterday 6502 opcodes was different by different bits was set,depending on it should use A,X,Y,S
still useful when understand how to make macros for brand new instructions,on older assemblers and understand how things work
and read code only in hex
flow charts, I can use it,but seldom use it,dont like it for any reason but the funny joke flow charts that I seen on internet,"how to use computer for noncomputer people"
computer Magazines was great articles how to multiply on 6502 in assembly,etc,but it has been taken over by
internet,magazines are very expensive,but I did an exception with a Magazine with DVD,howto make some kind of art with Photoshop
it costed extra because of dvd,but it opened up my mind to new ways of creating art

books,atari BASIC book,today I own several programming books,but today you prefer downloadable books
I even wanted to have a AoA and a great code in my Bookshelf,but they said all books was sold out,it was only possible to buy as downloadable ebooks
the optimal would be signed copies of those books

computer rooms in school,where the elder last year students taught us fancy coding techniches for us newcomer has been replaced with great computer forums,like this
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Re: what tools did you use and do you use now?
« Reply #1 on: June 30, 2018, 10:26:13 PM »
I only use plain text code editors, from ever.
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Re: what tools did you use and do you use now?
« Reply #2 on: July 01, 2018, 05:16:47 AM »
The first program I bought was the Devpac2.04 assembler + a Devpac assembler book for the Amiga, had to drive 300 km to get it from a shop in Germany. ( No internet in those days and back then I didn't trust to order it by mail. )
When a PC found my home I started to use Tasm and Total Commander, switched to Masm a few years later.
Today my favorite programmes are Masm, RadASM development tool, Total Commander, Paint Shop Pro, AVRstudio and of course a web browser.
In the early Amiga days I bought a lot of German and English magazines, one of them had an introduction to demo coding by Jolyon Ralph which was really a boost for my programming career.
Today I have a pretty large collection of computer programming, electronics and mathematics books.
I like to read technical stuff which can be used in programming.
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