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my 1k demo project

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the reason was if I get it to work with 16bit only,its more potential in SIMD using 16bit in 128bit simd
but also want to mix curves with perlin noise to whatever you want to use it for, my first idea was a racetrack,but it could also be used for river,extending it it could be generating a Canyon with generate a accompanying heightmap
also worked with VC++ inline SSE to create a "sinevalley",but only used extended ascii,in console mode,but could be extended with sine or other curve(s) controlling how it looks like on the map/topdown,while cosine/sine Controls how heightmap is generated inbetween bottom of Canyon and top of Cliff walls of Canyon

this only is capable of making 4 tiles,together a roundabout

A 203 bytes com file... it works fine in my XP VM :t

thanks for testing,now the try to develop it further,with vc++ and inline SIMD code

Sprites,export small images in. C format
tried to export a tiny 3drender with help of read it in and export it with a 2d program and it produced lots of garbage,when trying to export .c format file
Or. Inc file filled with sprite data,that a proc adds light and color to?
% used to write a binary sprite,maybe you Think its unnesserary to code sprites in binary and let code make light,but thats my fun with this Project,have as much a possible generated with code and/or combine it with some exported 3d

what can I achieve,when atari 8bit had 8k(8192bytes) cartridges for many of their games,when having disk drive,bigger games like Mercenary had a big 3d World,ok only wireframe 3d,but still
but atari had one BASIC/machine code game that only needed to use 256bytes machine code in page 6

star made with code
do I have wrong settings or wrong assembler version?
my 2010year code works,but 2018 code I am required add
mov ax,cs:label or it results in error messages


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