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If you want a MASM 6.0 manual, you can find it here.

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And you think 64 bit MASM is complicated.  :biggrin:

Or you can get it here....  :bgrin:

It's funny to think that I've 'safe-guarded' these Masm books (V6.14) for 25+ years.
The Stiffy disks are still in their box, wrapped in re-sealed plastic - I should scan the books ;)


I still have my MASM 6.0 and 6.11 manuals as well but I mainly used the old DOS format help files that came with them. The help files were the base of the later winhelp files that I did for the masm32 sdk. A lot of the content is useless in 32 and 64 bit but the basics of notation and macros was useful enough.


--- Quote from: K_F on February 08, 2019, 09:04:55 AM ---Or you can get it here....  :bgrin:

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Hi K_F,

do you watch the sunset using a video camera ?!  :P :eusa_clap:


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