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Small CPU - Memory Info App.
« on: November 19, 2018, 02:49:20 AM »
This one comes with a sales pitch.   :biggrin:

Nearly lost in the mists of time, a technology so ancient that it comes out of the core of the earliest versions of Windows, a design freedom that almost no longer exists except in the nearly forgotten knowledge of the ancient. From the days when you used THE original Windows SDK in an era when code had to be efficient and small enough to run on 16 bit Windows.

While the great unwashed flounder away with their balloons of garbage occupying enough disk space to store an operating system, those who did not trade their skills for the wide and easy path that leads to a job at McDonalds have sharpened their wits with the truly wicked performance that pure assembler is capable of delivering.


Funny story, I got this app up and going and it ran perfectly from the editor and from the old Windows File Manager but when I tested it on both the desktop and Explorer, it absolutely would not start. I found it would run if I set the compatibility to Vista which was somewhat less than useful so I tracked it down to using a remote procedure to fill out the Windows memory settings and for reasons that don't make sense, it absolutely would not start.

What I had to do was inline the function calls directly in the WM_CREATE message processing and it worked correctly in Win 10 64 bit. Hope someone likes it.

I can't post the code yet as I have not caught up with the documentation, it contains a couple of custom controls that are not in the last posted library. When I catch up I will post the code.
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