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Foto and video manager
« on: November 20, 2018, 03:01:14 AM »
Attached two executables for testing and feedback. Your AntiVirus may misbehave, see VirusTotal ImageViewer and JNotes - the results are normal, the usual aversion of the AV brigade against assembler executables. Check the upperclass results, like Kaspersky, Malwarebytes etc., they are green. Nonetheless, this is a beta, work in progress, use at your own risk, bla bla, and specifically member AW is not even allowed to download the archive.

- Extract them to a folder that contains a folder with images and videos, then drag the folder over JNotes.exe

Afterwards, you can
- change the titles
- add whatever text to the individual fotos
- press Ctrl+ or Ctrl- to score them
- press Ctrl L or Ctrl R to rotate an image
- press Ctrl H to hide an image or video (this toggles the state)
- press arrow right to start a video
- use the search box in the upper left corner: :i: finds images, :v: finds videos
- hit tab to go from the search box to the green listbox with the hits
- hit tab to go from hits to the white listbox with non-hits near the hits
- use e.g. :v: dog to find any videos related to your dog (provided you have used the word "dog" in their descriptions)
- during video replay, press Ctrl P to store the current replay position (it will be used the next time you play the video)

That's all for now. I use it frequently myself, it's thoroughly tested with my own 10,000+ fotos, but no guarantees.