Author Topic: Release version of the new debugging tool.  (Read 778 times)


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Release version of the new debugging tool.
« on: November 03, 2019, 12:08:55 PM »
This is the release version of the "LiveDB" debugging tool. The logic of this system is a tool that displays data sent from a running application using a set of dedicated macros. If the running application crashes, the LiveDB tool remains running and you know what the last message was as the LiveDB tool does not exit if the running app crashes.

This is the reference data, I will get it into the help file later.


These two macros should be placed at the
beginning and end of the application entry point

    DBbegin     Initialise the code and macros
    DBend       Terminate the code and macros

These two macros must be in place before you run
any of the other macros to avoid a page fault


This macro is designed to be able to output text
to the "livedb" window with multiple members,
quoted text, converted numbers or any data you
can convert to text


EXAMPLE : DBout str$(variable)," display text ",hex$(number)


    DBclear     Clear the "livedb" display window

    DBclose     Close the "livedb" window

    DBregs      Display all 64 bit registers in decimal notation

    DBregsH     Display all 64 bit registers in HEX notation

    DBreg       Display any single 64 bit register in decimal notation

    DBregH      Display any single 64 bit register in HEX notation


NOTE : The 64 bit registers are RAX to R15, not AVX SSE MMX or FP.


As before, you MUST replace the existing "" with the one in the ZIP file as it contains that extra macros. LiveDB.exe remembers where it was last used and restarts at the same screen location. It is best used as a tall but narrow window on either side of the screen so you can see that most amount of displayed data.
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