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Syntax highlighter anyone?

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i Z !:
Download the free version of ACE ASM Editor...

Either here, on my website or from the Microsoft Store.

It supports only syntax highlighting with a full text editing toolset.
It recognizes local variables in procedures excluding the ones from other procedures, vars defined by PUBLIC keyword and vars defined in data segments.

Should work with Vista and above.

Keyboard shortcuts:

Ctrl+PgUp/PgDn - navigate cursor to previous/next SEGMENT, procedure or other block definition (you can also use these in combination with the Shift key to select whole or parts of code blocks)

Ctrl+Up/Down Arrows - Scroll up/down

Copies/cuts the whole line when nothing is selected.


 … and more in this new version

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Choose custom colors and fonts for each of these sections:


i Z !:
Hi jj, thanks for tryin' it out.

Seems like you're having some problems with the installer.. That's strange, cause I've successfully tested it on Win 10 Home... You did run it "as Admin", right?

Anyhow, I'm gonna attach "ACE Free Raw.zip". It contains program files so you can put the app where ever you want.

That one starts properly :thumbsup:

The good news is it does load one of my sources. The bad news... see below. This source has 640kBytes. Is ACE suitable only for smaller sources? This is Win7-64 :cool:

Btw the readme.rtf is not readable in MS Word or Wordpad (and surely not in ACE, qEditor, Notepad++, UltraSlowEdit etc). You can open it, though, in RichMasm. With Ctrl A for "select all", you will be able to see the white text. Alternatively, press Ctrl G, type udc=6 and hit Return. With userdefined colour scheme #6, it becomes readable.


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