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I read about polink and found this ( Are there still problems with debug info and polink, or has this been fixed with later versions?

Is polink a real alternative to MS´s link, or are there known restrictions or problems?



Polink works fine, in 64 bit it produces slightly smaller exe files. It is usually very up to date and its well written and very reliable.

From running own tests i can confirm, that polink indeed works like a charm linking 32 and 64 bit executables.

But when it comes to debugging polink´s latest version (9) doesn´t suppport codeview debug information any more. It now uses a different way of supplying debug information suited to Pelle´s IDE. I couldn´t get symbolic debugging to work with e.g. x96dbg - using MS´s link i could.

The nice things is, polink is redistrtibutable, the downside is, you cannot have symbols when debugging (at least i couldn´t get it to work)

The nice thing with MS´s link is, you can have symbols when debugging, the downside here is, it is not redistrtibutable, you must "steal" it from a VS or SDK installation.


Hi JK,

Major changes between 8.00 and 9.00 :

--- Quote ---Linker:

    Added support for Pelles C Debug Info, dropped support for Microsoft CodeView info.
--- End quote ---


> you must "steal" it from a VS or SDK installation.

You don't have to worry, its a legal download. Redistribution is the problem.


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