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Hardware Corner Intro
« on: August 16, 2020, 12:39:58 AM »
Sorry if I have driven anyone mad with all of the hardware postings but there is madness in the method, no everyone can find enough money to buy high end expensive hardware and these days the new stuff is not that much better than some of the older processors of 5 years ago.

China is awash with Xeon x99 processors and they come for basically peanuts, the main problem is x99 boards used to be very expensive but the Chinese board manufacturers are starting to make some reasonable stuff and this means someone without a lot of money to spend can get some really big bang for their buck if they are handy and can build their own computers.

The available processors for socket 2011-3 range from 4 core to 12 core and some are higher and for example, you can currently pick up a 12 core 2.5 gig Xeon for under $200 AUD which is about 1 tenth of their original price. Boards cost about 150 AUD with variations and server registered ECC memory can be obtained in really large amounts for relatively low cost.

I am waiting on a board with a low performance Xeon and 8 gig of memory to basically play with and if it works OK I will try out some of the more powerful Xeons. Just as a benchmark comparison, a 12 core Xeon running at its stock 2.5 gig slightly out performs my 6 core i7 5820k clocked at 3.8 gig and this is on a CineBench benchmark test. The only real concern is if it arrives before the second coming.

The Russian guys seem to be keen on these Xeons and have some great technology available so if you are interested, have a look at AliExpress for the boards, processors and memory.
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