Author Topic: New dev box is up and running.  (Read 326 times)


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New dev box is up and running.
« on: October 06, 2020, 10:44:18 PM »
Can turned up today, have most of it up and running, once I installed the liquid cooler, I fed it through all of the normal tests and on idle it runs at ambient. Did the thrash the guts out of it test and it hit just under 50c so I went into the BIOS and clocked it at 4 gig then ran it again on a number of benchmark tests and it barely topped 50c.

Cinebench showed the clock speed increase, CPUZ shows the speed increase and the important real test on about 3.5 gig of video ALA ffmpeg peaked at just over 50c with one core occasionally hitting 55c. My old box with an identical i7 5820k run 10 to 15c hotter and I have thrashed the guts out of it for years with no problems so all is well.

To cut down the costs I have a 500 gig SATA SSD as the boot drive and so far 2 older 1tb HDDs to set it up. I can pinch a 4tb drive from the Xeon box and when I have enough money to waste again WD make some very fast enterprise HDDs and a couple of those in the new box would get it up to a useful storage size.

The can is OK, a lot of useful stuff in it and while its an ugly can, about the only problem is its a bit small and the internal cabling will be another nightmare but I have a theory on cable management, if you can get it all to fit in the box, its "managed".  :tongue:
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