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Lessons are not published on the NeHe site, but are based on NeHe lessons

Lesson X2: Opengl Frustum Culling

A simple and straightforward way to throw unnecessary objects overboard.

Interaction:[*]Down/Up Arrow ― Move Camera forward/Back[*]Left/Right Arrow ― Rotate the camera to the left/right[*]U/u - Tilt the camera up[*]D/d ― Tilt the camera down[*]Keypad "+"/"-" ― Add object (maximum 1000)/Remove object (at least 1)[*]W/w ― Increase viewing angle (FOV)[*]T/t ― Decrease viewing angle (FOV)[*]G/g ― Turn on/off grid[*]M/m ― Change mode (objects can be points, spheres and cubes)[*]C/c ― Turn on/off culling, clipping on the visibility pyramid[/list]

A prototype is Mark Morley's OpenGL Frustrum Culling Tutorial

Minor problem: “missing glut32.dll” with OpenGL under VS2010

--- Quote ---glut32.dll is not a core system library. It's not installed there by default.
--- End quote ---

Ciao, Jochen!
Questo è specialmente per te!

Very, very nice - thank you, Mikl!

Lesson #40 remains, but there are classes, public, inheritance and other "delights" of object-oriented programming in this lesson, I am very poor at this...


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