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I've created a complete grammar reference document for MASM64:,pdf&resid=2C18DFD7C47CC9A7%21622&authkey=%21AAPQgLTI4FlEL04

Any corrections would be greatly appreciated.

Looks like you have done a lot of work there.  :thup:

Thank you (and thank you for all your hard work, I started out learning assembly language using masm32 way back in 2000).

I posted a link because the document itself is continuously being updated, whilst I'm using it to create a visual development environment.

The next big change will be the gradual inclusion of all the 64-bit mnemonics.

The mnemonic list will be appreciated by many people. One suggestion, try and bundle them as families as scouring through the Intel manuals is hard work for folks who are not used to them.

x86-64 Instruction Set reference:,pdf&resid=2C18DFD7C47CC9A7%21624&authkey=%21ANTJqFkX5v3hdno

This contains all the general-purpose 64-bit instructions, excluding Cache, FPU, SIMD (MMX, SSE, AVX), FMA, and BMI instructions.
I have a separate document for Cache instructions, and a much larger (471 pages) document for all the 64-bit FPU MMX SSE AVX FMA BMI instructions.


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