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How to create 2 different windows?
« on: September 27, 2021, 07:13:55 PM »
How To Make Use Of Different Sewing Machine Stitches

After years of sewing, from garments or quilting projects, I have found some stitch types that are very handy but underrated by sewists. I believe that if you try making them and see how beautiful your projects become, you will love them as much as I am now.

Satin Stitches

Satin stitches are actually a series of zigzag stitches sitting really close together. The main application of this stitch type is to decorate your sewing projects.

All best rated sewing machines for beginners can make satin stitches. What you have to do is to set the length of zigzag stitches to the lowest possible.

If you are sewing appliques and want them to have a classic look, you will have to use satin stitches for the outside.

This stitch can do much more than applying appliques. You can make decorative patterns on your projects in form of scallops, diamonds, circles, or triangles made with satin stitches.

For making homewares like a cushion or a blanket, this stitch can be handy too. So in short, for any project that needs a little bit of decoration, satin stitches might come in useful.

A good way to start using this stitch more is to add some fun appliques to an old pair of jeans or a shirt.

Decorative Stitches

If you are using an advanced sewing machine, chances are the machine has a few built-in decorative stitches that you can use right away. Here I have a Best Computerized Sewing Machine For Beginners that has some models with many intricate decorative stitches.

Some decorative stitches

These stitches are not so handy in constructing garments but when you want to decorate something, they can be a good option.

The range of options is wide. Depending on the sewing machine, you will have different choices, from heart shape, leaves, and letters, to flowers.

To add a little more fun, try to use many colors for the same pattern for once. It can be an experiment to see what suit your liking.

Double Needle Stitch

If you look at a T-shirt you have or any Jersey-based garments, chances are you will find two parallel rows of stitches on the hem. The application here is quite obvious. It is to add durability to the seams.

Blind Hem Stitch

If you don’t want the stitches to be visible on the outside of the projects, applying blind hem stitches is the best way to have that kind of effect.

The seams will appear as a series of dots on the outside and the rest is hidden on the inside. I usually use this stitch type to hem skirts and trousers when I want to have a modern and neat look.

This stitch sounds complicated but it is actually very easy to make when you know the right steps. Even the best sewing machine for beginners can produce this stitch. If you are looking for the best starter sewing machine like that, here are some suggestions: Singer 7258, Brother XM2701 and Janome 2212. Read more sewing machine reviews to learn more.
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Re: How to create 2 different windows?
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Right click link with mouse and select open to new window
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