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« on: December 17, 2021, 09:05:16 PM »
I have done the first task, when I built the machine I am currently using, I set a SATA SSD as the boot drive and while it worked OK, I was a bit spoilt in that my old box had an Intel SSD from when it was first built years ago. I had later installed an NVME drive as B: which I was only dumping junk on so today I downloaded the Samsung migration tool, backed up drive B: then migrated the boot partition directly to the NVME SSD. With the second partition, drive D: I restored it from backup, then wrote the old drive B: backup onto the SATA SSD.

A bit of messing around but everything ended up in the right place and it all works well. I have had a 2tb Samsung SSD delivered and I am waiting on PCIe to NVME adaptor as with these Gigabyte boards, if you use the direct board mount, you lost 2 SATA plugs on the board. I have on a number of computers used PCIe adaptors and they work well and run at full speed.

These particular Samsung 970 drives read at about 3.5 gig and write at about 3.2 so the performance is good. Some of the later Gen 4 SSDs are faster again, some up around 6 gig but that is mainly for gen 4 boards and CPUs.
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Re: More NVME SSDs
« Reply #1 on: December 18, 2021, 01:00:45 AM »
Good process, good news for ITX-boards, less taking up space  :thumbsup:
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