Author Topic: I have started to get multi computer parallel processing working OK  (Read 853 times)


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It has taken a while to get the three Xeons built, OS installed and get everything working correctly. A while ago I wrote a pair of UDP apps, one an execution unit, the other a command unit. I have set the execution unit to startup on the three Xeon boxes and run the command unit from my i7 box.

2 x 12 core Xeons and one 14 core Xeon is 38 core x 2 which is 76 parallel threads encoding just over 3 gig of MP4 video in just over 2 minutes. I looked at a number of apps that were supposed to run software on external computers but they were messy complicated bastards of things where my simple pair happily run just about anything on as many boxes as I have on the LAN so all is well and it will be useful.
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