Author Topic: Brought a couple of toys back to life  (Read 637 times)


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Brought a couple of toys back to life
« on: March 18, 2022, 09:22:52 PM »
Long ago I bought a 2400 dpi flatbed scanner that back then I used to scan analogue photos before my first digital camera. It was attached to and XP box and worked OK years later. I also own a cheap chinese digital microscope that I bought about 10 years ago which was occasionally useful as well. When I shifted from XP to 64 bit OS versions I tended to leave them behind as I had no idea if you could run them on 64 bit OS's.

Years later I have been trying to rationalise the boxes I own, already pensioned off my old Unix dead storage server, now I can also pension off the last XP box as I could get a Twain driver from Epson for the scanner and the software that came with the microscope installed with no problems.

I still have my old DEV box, the 6 year old monster so I plugged the two toys into a couple of USB2 ports at the back of it and everything works well.

Its been so long since I built the old XP box that I forget what was in it so I lifted the side cover for a quick look and it has 4 x 1tb disks that all work OK so I may strip it for bits. I also forget what CPU it has in it but I doubt something that old would be much use, even though it worked OK.
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