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MASM32 include files out of date: what to do?

Started by NoCforMe, January 13, 2024, 09:00:25 AM

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As stated, I would refer to and wait for responses from NoCforMe and others prior to moving the thread.
With replies and this:
QuoteI had forgotten about the WINDOWS.INC Project forum. Maybe that would be a more appropriate place for this thread
The 'thread' has now been moved to the WINDOWS.INC Project sub-forum from the Windows API sub-forum.
Hopefully, Everyone will be Happy now.  :smiley:



I put a new algo for Masm32 here.

Attached the macro version. Usage:
include \masm32\include\
include \Masm32\macros\AuxMacros.asm
  print str$(findRev$("Where is the needle in the haystack?", "needle")), "=pos with findRev$", 13, 10
  print str$(findRevCi$("Where is the NEEDLE in the haystack?", "needle")), "=pos with findRevCi$", 13, 10
  mov esi, chr$("needle")
  print str$(findRev$("Where is the needle?", esi)), "=pos with findRev$", 13, 10
  print str$(findRevCi$("Where is the NEEDLE?", esi)), "=pos with findRevCi$", 13, 10
  inkey "hit any key"
  invoke ExitProcess, 0
end start

14=pos with findRev$
14=pos with findRevCi$
14=pos with findRev$
14=pos with findRevCi$

Everybody is invited to build on \Masm32\macros\AuxMacros.asm, i.e. add your stuff, document it, then repost it here as AuxMacros.asm (i.e. no version number, no new name; the posting date is enough info).

Please don't flood this thread with more files. One macro and one inc file are enough, unless you want to open a completely separate can of worms such as DirectX or Cairo; in the latter case, call it

P.S.: Some timings are here - enjoy (the macro is only a factor 150 faster than shlwapi StrRStrIA) :cool: