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Easy Code 2 and 64 bit VS ml.exe link.exe etc

Started by Simon56, November 02, 2016, 11:57:36 PM

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HI I'm pretty new to assembly language programming and I was only really interested as a supplement to bringing myself up to date with C++
Anyway I got the 32 bit Easy Code going OK with MASM32 kit but then I thought I would see if I could get the 64 bit version going with the MASM 64 bit tools in Visual Studio 2015.
This did not work so well.  After I had configured the paths to the ml.exe assembler linker and rc.exe I seemed to get part way with the build compile with the sample program

The whole thing seem to fall apart when linking with one of the items in the 64 bit library folder in EC version 2.

Anyone got any ideas to point a total newbie in the right direction??  It doesn't matter that much as I can learn plenty about assembler with the 32 bit version of EC but I was curious to have the 64 bit version working with VS 2015 tools.  Maybe I should use an earlier version of VStudio??

Thanks a lot,
United Kingdom

i7 desktop PC  Windows 10 64 bit  Visual Studio 2015  Easy Code ver 1 ver 2


Hi Simon,

The current version of ML64, LINK.EXE and RC.EXE are fine, I use them on Win10 64 Professional and they work fine. I am not sure where Ramon is yet with ML64 and here it is still being developed to make it usable and reliable. Starting with 32 bit is a good idea, 64 bit code is fussier and you need to know more about it. A good grounding in 32 bit assembler will make the path to 64 bit a lot easier.


Hi Simon,

Thanks for using Easy Code!

Did you configure the 64-bit "Inlude" and "Lib" paths too? I attach an image of the Masm64 configuration on my system, where I have all tools in drive G:, for you to have an idea on how it works.

If the 64-bit "Inlude" and "Lib" paths are well configured, could I see some example please? Thanks.


EC coder