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Change font edit box

Started by greco558, August 24, 2012, 06:03:17 AM

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I am not able to change the font in a visual project. After making an edit control the properties will let you select another font but after clicking ok it reverts back to old font. Did something change with this new release?


Hi greco558,

Is the edit control inside a Window or a DialgoBox? If inside a Window, you should not have any problem. If inside a DialogBox, then you cannot change any children font (please see the Easy Code help File).

DialogBoxes are proportionally sized to its font, that is the reason why child controls always have their parent's font and cannot be changed. You just can change the DialogBox font and you will see how it and its children are proportionally resized.

EC coder


   I didnt know that.... WM_SETFONT,font,0 doesnt work??


Not in Easy Code for controls which are children of a DialogBox.
EC coder



Thanks, that explains it my other programs are windows this is a dialog.
By the way easycode is one of the best IDE's I have used, it makes
programming GUI's quick and easy so you can concentrate on your
own code. Thank you for such a great IDE..




Thank you very much for your kind words. I'm really glad to hear that, since that was the original idea for programming Easy Code.


EC coder