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Console apps and folders with spaces.

Started by AssemblyChallenge, November 10, 2017, 05:28:41 PM

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As soon as I can will try to debug -again- the final exe.

A name with space(s) is surely not coming from me. From time to time I code a tool in order to solve/automate a problem and then send it to the final user(s). They are the ones who, more likely, could copy my tool in some folder with spaces, even if they don't rename my original file. Apart from EC's full name in the crash (which is odd, it should be my program's name), I strongly believe there is something wrong with my code, not EC. Finally, a well written console program should never crash, no matter if there are spaces o not in its name/folder :biggrin:


Well, there is no problem with folders with spaces, the problem appears when the filename (the .exe file) have spaces in its name.
EC coder