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Microsoft Cortana/Edge

Started by shankle, June 23, 2019, 05:47:05 AM

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I think I have disabled Cortana & Edge.
When I run Wise Disk Cleaner I have somewhere from 2000K to 5000K of garbage from
Microsoft Edge. That's the reason I stayed with Windows 7 so long. I'm sorry I
left it but I lost the sound. When I did find out what was wrong with the sound on
windows 7 it was to late to change back & to costly.
From what I have seen of Edge it is nothing but an endless advertising mill for Microsoft.

I have searched the web for about a week to uninstall Edge. Either the info pertains to an
older version of windows 10 or the people like to post without knowing what they are
talking about. DOES anyone have any good ideas how to uninstall this piece of junk?


Thought I had Edge uninstalled but it keeps showing up in the results from Ccleaner.
So what I did seemed not to have uninstalled it.
I found these in Windows/system32: microsoftedgebchost.exe,  microsoftedgecp.exe,
microsoftedgedevtools.exe and microsoftedgesh.exe.

MicrosoftEdgebchost.exe is the one that shows anywhere from 2000k to 9000k each
time I run Ccleaner. I've tried renaming, set permissions to FULL. Afraid to delete
them. Of course I made a backup before messing with these items.