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Single Instance Text Editor, BlackMono.

Started by hutch--, October 22, 2018, 11:33:07 PM

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I wrote the basic editor about 10 years ago and recently added the code to control the text and background colour, set the margins so it had a wider selection bar and set it with the "#option largemem32" to increase the available memory it has available.

It is a old Notepad style interface but has search and replace, goto line number and will run multiple instances with drag and drop between instances. Hope it is useful to someone.



Hi Hutch!

Is there a solution for PB9?

compiling "BlackMono.exe"
Classic PowerBASIC for Windows
Classic PB/Win  Version 9.07
Copyright (c) 1996-2012 PowerBasic Inc.
Englewood, Florida USA
All Rights Reserved

Error 516 in ...\BLACKMONO\ALTDLGS.BAS(53:005):  DefType, Type id (?%&!#$), or AS... required: GETCURRENTDIRECTORY
Line 53:     GetCurrentDirectory %MAX_PATH, cdir

I added "%MAX_PATH = 260"

Equations in Assembly: SmplMath



Give this version a blast, I have it building here with PBWIN version 9.0, I had to change the order of the include files and change the way the inline assembler notation ws done but its working OK here. Builds at 33k as I think there is extra data from the older include files being added. Let me know if it works OK.


Equations in Assembly: SmplMath