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Typo in the anti spam question.

Started by Gunner, May 21, 2012, 03:08:50 AM

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It says: In New Zealand shouldn't it be Is?


my brain automatically filters out Hutch typos   :biggrin:



I have an excuse, I have been watching computer screens in overdrive for about 2 weeks, first the server (PHUK I hate Linux servers) then faster ways of connecting to it, massive downloads, web pages then the forum has taken nearly a week to set up so its something like reliable and there is more to do.  :dazzled:


There's no s on the end of Monroe  :P


Quote from: Ryan on May 21, 2012, 03:30:04 AM
There's no s on the end of Monroe  :P

you're probably too young to remember Marilyn's end   :lol:


I did have to look up the correct answer  :P


BTW, speaking of typos, the correct spelling is "heroin", not "heroine" (which is a brave woman, not an opiate).


I tend to see brave women as opiates.  :biggrin:


lol - talk about converting a bug into a feature   :P


Quote from: hutch-- on June 21, 2012, 09:21:21 PM
I tend to see brave women as opiates.  :biggrin:
I'd like to modify that to  ..
QuoteI tend to see brave, hot, big b..bed women as opiates.

:badgrin:  :badgrin:  :badgrin:
'Sire, Sire!... the peasants are Revolting !!!'
'Yes, they are.. aren't they....'


Must be taste, I like blondes who are cool, racy and good, bad ones don't exist any longer.  :biggrin:



Sounds like you have a lot of new interesting anti-spam questions which we regulars never see any more. What do we have to do to see them, log on as a new user every week (maybe we can get 9,000,000 members like that other coding forum - they just went over today)?