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Final lines of code trimmed (bug 2)

Started by AssemblyChallenge, August 04, 2015, 02:52:42 AM

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Hi Ramon.

This bug and the third seem to share a common detail: Screen awareness.

Most part of my coding is done on a 17" LCD screen. Obviously, I rotate the screen to the right (portrait mode) in order to see a mile of code  :icon_mrgreen:  It was then when I noted that -not always- it "trims" the final lines of code past the bottom of EC and you can't see them. Fortunatelly is just a minor nuisance as generally the few lines excluded are the ending ones. If you go ahead and try to fix it, EC hide the lines again  :dazzled:

Take a look at the examples please.


Hi again,

Thanks for the report. I will see what I can do.


EC coder


I am really sorry, but when I change to portrait mode (with EC already open), I can see the final lines perfectly well. Nothing to do with the images you attached (LCD 19" monitor, Intel HD Graphics 4600 card).
EC coder