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How to create new include file and add it to project?

Started by anta40, May 11, 2016, 12:51:44 AM

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Let's say I've just created project.
Then I want to create an include file, and have it automaticallya dded to the project.

How to do that?
On the Project Explorer, I selected Include and do a right click.
Add File? Doesn't work, because it assumes that the include file is already exist before.
Add Include/Header File? Doesn't work to. It assumes that you want to use MASM32 includes.

Or maybe I misunderstand something  :redface:


It is a bit manual.. but no other way at the mo..

Create a new file with an .inc extension, place one letter/character in it - then save it (move it) in the Include folder that the IDE uses (ie: ../Masm/Include)
Then add it in with the project explorer window that's on the RHS of the IDE ..  (R-click -> Add Include Files).

You could create the file with wordpad (etc..) and save it with an .inc extension in the include folder.
Create it as a module within Easycode, save it, then change the extension to .inc and move it to the include folder, then add it in the Project Explorer.

Maybe Ramon might build in a facility for this in the later versions.
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Hi anta40,

K_F is right, adding a new file is a bit manual at the moment. However, I will try to add that option for next versions of EC 2.


EC coder


Ah, so this is not implemented yet.
OK, I understand. Not a big deal, anyway :redface: :t


Thanks for your patience anta40, I will implement it soon. :t

EC coder