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Fresh Install Error

Started by BillHudson, November 20, 2017, 09:13:03 AM

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I just installed EasyCode, Started a new Project, and when I build it I get this Linker Error???

Assembling: frmMain
LINK : fatal error LNK2023: bad DLL or entry point 'msobj140.dll'

I have searched all over online and cannot find the problem.

It is just the default form with a button on it. I tried Including User32.dll to no avail?

I loaded and successfully built the EC Clock Application

I have this system
iBuyPower Gaming System 64bit
8 Cores
Windows 10 Home 10.0.15063

Thank you in advance, I am at my end here...



A default form with a single button should not need the msobj140.dll' file, so please could you attach (or send to me) the project which fails? Thanks in advance.

I am a t work now, but I will try to find the problem this afternoon at home.

EC coder


Hi again,

Well, it seems that you are using one of the newest versions of "link.exe" (Visual Studio 2015 or later?). If it is from a Visual Studio version, make sure it is properly installed since it seems that the "msobj140.dll" dll is not the one that "link.exe" needs.

What version of "link.exe" and Visual Studio are you using? I am sorry but at the moment I cannot say anything else from the distance.

EC coder


I have Visual Studio 2017, The Free version. Also if it helps I have in Masm32/bin ml ml64 and link all versions 14.0.23506.0


Quote from: BillHudson on November 21, 2017, 03:08:17 PMI have in Masm32/bin ml ml64 and link all versions 14.0.23506.0

You probably need a bunch of related DLLs in the same folder. Copy them from the folder where you got link.exe:


Yes please, do what jj2007 suggests.
EC coder


Awesome! That did the trick! I could only find msobj140.dll and then I already had the mspdb140.dll in there. The other two were not to be found, but the msobj140.dll did the trick! Thank you so much!


Great! I am glad to hear that!  :t
EC coder