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Interfacing between a 32 bit PB app and any 64 bit app

Started by hutch--, March 05, 2023, 10:02:21 AM

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The example posted here is between a normal API based PB app and a 64 bit MASM app. Both use the standard Windows code and communicate between each other using Windows messaging and a memory mapped file for data sharing.

The both use a resource dialog interface and are reasonably simple code layouts. The MASM code may look strange to a PB user but its API layout is simple enough to read.

For any 64 bit capable language, as long as it can write correct Windows system code (the API), the technique will work. C / C++, MASM, some dialects of 64 bit basic, Pascal, Fortran, anything you like as long as its 64 bit API capable.


If anyone needs questions answered interfacing 32 and 64 bit code, feel free to ask them here. There was a topic in the PowerBASIC forum of members asking questions but a leading member of the peanut gallery ruined the thread again and it again had to be closed.

The MASM forum caters for PowerBASIC programmers as we have members who regularly use PowerBASIC but it is restricted to Windows code via the Windows API functions and does not and will not support the VB interface that PB supports, as the language is far more powerful and capable than what can be done with crayon scribblings.