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Hutcho' Wake

Started by stoo23, May 31, 2023, 06:43:48 PM

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I am unsure how many or if Any Members are in or from Sydney, Australia,... BUT,.. If you are,.. there is going to be a Wake for Hutch' on this coming Sunday 4th June 2023 to be held at "The Carrington" Hotel at 3.00pm


Well, Sunday dawned Wet & Miserable  :(
Fortunately, by lunchtime it had stopped raining, which made the drive down to Sydney somewhat more pleasant.

As I got closer to Sydney, the sky cleared and there were patches of blue, white clouds and some sunshine  :) which was nice and allowed the Carrington to have it's normal indoor/outdoor operation with people sitting at tables outdoors on the street, eating drinking etc.

Due to having to find some slightly remote parking and traffic etc, I arrived slightly later than the 3pm start and when I finally found everyone, in the rear section of the Hotel, (which I was not aware existed lol), things were in full swing, with (at the time of my arrival), my and Hutch's good friend Mark, giving his reminisences of Hutch, with some good humoured stories and anecdotes, followed by one of Hutch's good friends Phil similarly providing everyone with some enjoyable stories to be followed finally by Ian, Hutch's brother, to conclude the reminiscences/eulogies to the surprisingly large gathering.

Perhaps sadly, with the hotel being popular and relatively crowded and busy,.. AND with a band playing in the front Bar area, it did make it difficult (and for some impossible) to easily hear all those addressing the Masses, which was perhaps a shame  :(

Strangely, the band stopped within minutes of the Speeches ending, so was simply just some bad timing,..... BUT,.. generally, there was a great feeling & vibe amongst the collected crowd, with the whole of Hutch's street attending, along with the Coffee shop crowd and many locals from the area that knew him, along with a few older, longer and more distant friends also in attendance, which mean't there was easily more than 30 plus people there to celebrate the life of Hutch.

Appropriate 'Toasts' were made and whilst realistically Sad,.. everyone was in a suitably celebratory Wake appropriate mood  :)

As the day wore on a few stayed for Late afternoon food / early dinner, as did the small 'Core' group (as those mentioned above) and a few others, which made for a very pleasant end of the day.

It was great to see such a diverse and large crowd there for Hutch, .... as it was in His local reality and life as it was diverse in his 'on line' life  :)

Perhaps a shame many of You could Not be there physically and in Person, but were (I am sure), in both Spirit and Mind.

So All in All, it was a nice way,... to Say goodbye  :)



thank you very much for this report !

Kind Regards
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Thank you, Stewart. I would have liked to be there... sometimes I told Hutch jokingly I would come over for a beer, but it's actually not around the corner :sad:


Hi Stewart,

   Thanks for your report.  It sounds like it was a good wake held
for our friend.




Thanks Steward. Very vivid description :thumbsup:
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Thank you, Stewart.
Steve was a great person and an example to all of us.
A talented programmer with a free spirit and a great philosopher in many fields.

Creative coders use backward thinking techniques as a strategy.


I think one notices that is getting older when observes close people passing away. I remember when I was a kid, my parents commented that such and such had passed away, which for me went unnoticed, were adult conversations. Now it is something else.

What surprises me about Hutch is his fortitude and sense of humor when it comes to facing death. He knew he had cancer and such a possibility must have been on his mind. Far from complaining, he even joked about meeting a blonde nurse at the hospital. Definitely a strong spirit.


Thanks for telling about wake stewart :thumbsup:
Earlier there been some ozzie masm programmers
Wish i could be on the wake

my none asm creations
I am an Invoker
"An Invoker is a mage who specializes in the manipulation of raw and elemental energies."
Like SIMD coding


Thank you Stewart. As many other members, I wish I could have been there. But alas, the membership here spans the globe. Much too far a distance for most to travel, hope that you understand.

RIP hutch, and condolences to his family and many, many friends.


Thank you Stewart for writing to us, who are spread across the world.
Your words have the incredible ability to bridge the physical distance and transport us, at least in spirit, to that place, where we could be part of the wake.




thank you very much for your fine report.

Quote from: stoo23 on June 06, 2023, 02:18:43 AM
It was great to see such a diverse and large crowd there for Hutch, ....

So All in All, it was a nice way,... to Say goodbye  :)
I am quite sure of that and it is really a very pity that no one from us could be present. I would have liked to have been there not only in my mind.
I've known Hutch since the days of the old PowerBASIC forum with Bob Zale and Dave Navarro. Later he invited me to his forum and I've never
regretted accepting his invitation.

Once again, thank you so much for reporting back to us and taking care of so many things.

You have to know the facts before you can distort them.


Thank you very much for informing us.
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But the past never lies..
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Thank you Stewart for your story... Thanks again for taking care of the forum.