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RIP Hutch

Started by clive, July 29, 2023, 10:51:16 PM

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Just got the sad news from Gunther, posting here to meet the new terms-n-conditions. New but not new.

I'm Clive Turvey, I worked on disassemblers and tools, notably DumpPE, and Windows Source tools, and worked with V Communication / Sourcer team back in the day. Perhaps wandered away from x86 about a decade or so ago, doing similar work across other 8 and 32-bit MCUs. These days I primarily roost at the uBlox and ST Micro (STM32) forums.

Must have encountered Hutch about 30 years ago, on the internet, or precursor BBS / CompuServe services of the 1990's. Definitely a force of nature illustrated by the persistence of this forum, and the goals, vision and knowledge he wanted to share. Like many of us, never met in real life, but part of a large fabric of the universe that ties us all together, and one of the friends from around the world. Will miss you mate..

It's a pity the clowns in Washington DC don't understand the Constitution as well as Edward Snowden



thank you for your compassionate words.

Yes, the old days at CompuServe with Hutch. Those were the days ...

I have received your contact information and will get back to you tomorrow or the day after. There are
so many things to talk about. Your help and support is always welcome. Thanks for responding so
quickly - within a few hours.
You have to know the facts before you can distort them.


Welcome (back) to the forum, clive!

Yes everyone here was shocked and saddened by hutch's untimely death. He will be missed by many, here on the forum, and by many of the lurkers that frequent here.

Loooking forward to your contributions to the forum.



Late to the wake... Sad news indeed.
'Sire, Sire!... the peasants are Revolting !!!'
'Yes, they are.. aren't they....'