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Random Pad Generator (RPG)

Started by hutch--, August 22, 2021, 02:11:40 AM

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I wrote this tool a couple of years ago and even though I have done some work on a number of items related to the same task, this one simply works better so I have done some minor updates on it. It is designed to produce cryptographic random pads that are extremely difficult to reproduce. Because the internal algorithms are fast, it has been written to overkill the complexity of trying to reproduce the random pad which in turn would make the data encrypted against the pad very hard to break.

The source is reasonably complex but clear enough if you are familiar with this type of code. Anyone is welcome to use it but as the copyright holder, it must not be sold or bundled with other software. NOTE that the zip file includes John Walker's public domain ENT analysis application whick displays the analysis of the generated pad. If you run it so that the CHI SQUARED result is within the range of 25 to 75 percent, you should be very safe, within 10% to 90% is probably OK but less or greater should be re-run again to get a better result.