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PowerBASIC general purpose library

Started by hutch--, April 23, 2022, 07:48:50 PM

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I have kept working on the pbgplib library and have added a number of extra modules. All of the functions in the first release are identical and all of the additions are documented in the same way as the earlier help file. Version two (2) has 120 modules.

A number of pad based encryption based algorithms.
A set of characters evaluation modules, IsAlpha etc ...
Three complex calculation algorithms using SSE2.
A couple of specialised text processing functions.
A set of SSE macros for calling scalar double maths algorithms.
A set of conventional push-call macros for calling FASTPROC procedures.
A collection of formulas best done with the intrinsic PB x87 maths functions.
A number of richedit version 3 functions.
Added memory allocation macros to the memory section.