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UASM64 Library

Started by fearless, July 13, 2024, 06:02:56 AM

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UASM64 Library is a x64 port of the functions from the MASM32 Library that are included with the MASM32 SDK.

The functions ported to an x64 version in the UASM64 Library aim to match the parameters and features of the original x86 functions from the MASM32 Library where possible. In a few functions that may not be possible, and an alternative approach to achieve the same desired result may be used instead.

The names of the functions and parameter names in the UASM64 Library compared to the MASM32 Library have been changed to increase readability. Equates are provided in the file to map to the new function names - which also helps when porting x86 projects to x64 ones.

Additionally, new functions have been added to the UASM64 Library to expand and compliment the existing functions.
UASM64 Library is targeted specifically for use with projects that use the UASM assembler (the x64 version), but likely other compilers and assemblers can utilize it as well.

All credit and thanks to all the original authors and code contributors of the functions in the MASM32 Library.

The UASM64 Library and source code are free to use for anyone, and anyone can contribute to the UASM64 Library project.


Thank you fearless, for the great work you share with us.  :thumbsup:




Hopefully others will contribute or make suggestions, or even post code/functions here if they don't have a github account.


I made a google forms survey that should help determine the direction of the project and focus on what functions or function categories should be ported over first (based on user rankings of how often they are used in the MASM32 library), plus other useful questions. Feel free to take part, no email addresses are collected, results summary is shared so others can view them as well, and responses can be edited.


This looks like a great project, thanks a lot :thumbsup:

Could you please give us a hint on the include files used?


Yes, sorry I should have included that information somewhere, but the include files I used where from the WinInc package. But now that I think of it, the only reason is included in some functions is for the TRUE and FALSE. So I might just IFNDEF them in the file to remove that dependency? and/or see if we cant adjust the others functions as well to keep it all self contained perhaps?