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Ling Long Kai Fang Bignum to ASCII

Started by dedndave, June 06, 2012, 03:43:10 AM

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you downloaded the wrong thing - lol

the IntExp program WILL run %50
it is caclulating some very, very large numbers, far beyond the precision or range of intel floats

The program i just posted is named Evr1
it will EValuate Real numbers from command-line hex
it's pretty fast and uses very little CPU time


Is that the new representation of PI using your Ling Long Kai Fang Bignum library??


as far as i know, the functions don't support spirals   :lol:

as for pi, this is as close as i can get with real10's   :biggrin:
4000_C90FDAA2_2168C234: +3.141592653589793238295968524909085317631252110004425048828125

4000_C90FDAA2_2168C235: +3.14159265358979323851280895940618620443274267017841339111328125

4000_C90FDAA2_2168C236: +3.1415926535897932387296493939032870912342332303524017333984375

i think you've seen those numbers, before


It seems that we get only 19 correct digits

they get:                                  8 4
i get this:             3.141592653589793238 94648982840038797803572379052639007568359

4000_C90FDAA2_2168C234: +3.141592653589793238 295968524909085317631252110004425048828125

4000_C90FDAA2_2168C235: +3.141592653589793238 51280895940618620443274267017841339111328125

4000_C90FDAA2_2168C236: +3.141592653589793238 7296493939032870912342332303524017333984375


you must understand:

1) the value that is used for Pi is the one that is closest to the actual value of Pi
intel uses real4, real8, and real10 values that are near Pi - not equal to Pi

2) when we evaluate these real numbers, we will see the values that are nearest to Pi for that numbering system

3) by examining the adjacent values, we can see what the LSB step is

4) the numbers displayed by the Evr program are 100% correct
however, the program will display more digits than are usable

5) the actual digits of Pi are 3.1415926535897932384626433832795
3.1415926535897932385 is closer to 3.14159265358979323846 than 3.141592653589793238 or 3.141592653589793239

6) according to the documentation that i have read, if you want to be able to convert the real to decimal, then back to a real, without losing any precision, 3.14159265358979323851 should be used

well - they say 21 digits, but by examining the nearest values, we can see that 20 should be enough   :P
for values in other ranges, 21 may be required
that was the original purpose of the program - to see what changing by +/-1 LSB does