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Hash code library

Started by hutch--, February 02, 2022, 09:39:04 AM

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The first major project is a hash table library. I originally wrote this collection of hash table algorithms back in 2006 and have used them for many tools over time. As I am fundamentally lazy, I got tired of having to find it all again for another tool that needed this capacity so I have repackaged the collection of hash algorithms into a PowerBASIC library so that all of the functionality is bundled together.

To reduce having to read my way through all of the code each time I need to use it, I have produced a help file that is an RTF format reader (written in 64 bit MASM) that has a collection of RTF format files in a sub directory which makes the files far easier to modify and maintain.

Not everyone has a use for a library of this type but if you do, these hash functions are genuinely fast and they are not all that hard to use.

The help file should help to make sense of what the hash table does and how to use it. The library is presented as an interface, not a collection of source code and this is for a reason, the guts of a hash table is not something that most modern programmers want to climb through and the very few that would be able to do this can write their own.  :tongue:

You woulde not normally want to see the guts of a compiler's built in runtime library, this hash library is no different.

If you are interested, make a point of reading the help file as it will help to understand what a library of this type has to offer.