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Simple CRT functions in SLL files

Started by hutch--, February 13, 2022, 05:27:29 PM

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The zip file is a repost as I messed up 2 of the CRT prototypes.

We all pay for our Windows versions so we may as well take advantage of some of the functionality. The MSVCRT.DLL is a base component of Windows and it contains many functions that are useful in many language, PowerBASIC as well. The functions are no better than the PowerBASIC intrinsics but you get them for close to nothing, a virtue if you are trying to keep your exe size down.

The zip file contains 4 string - number conversions, 2 each way for signed and unsigned conversion. Each has been put into an SLL and are very easy to use, no messy include files, just functions that you can directly call.

    #link "ltoa.sll"
    #link "utoa.sll"
    #link "atoi.sll"
    #link "atol.sll"

The real strength of using SLL files is they are simple and easy to use without the clutter of messy include files.