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Set the executable subsystem example using multiple libraries

Started by hutch--, February 20, 2022, 11:23:11 AM

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This is a normal dialog interface app that will change the subsystem of a 32 bit executable file with the choices being WINDOWS or CONSOLE.

It uses a number of PowerBASIC libraries that have already been posted here and has two (2) SLL source modules complete with source.

The advantage commonly used by other language programmers is multiple libraries, this is done in PB as follows.

    #link "lib\ConSubSys.sll"
    #link "lib\WinSubSys.sll"
    #link "lib\FileIO.lib"
    #link "lib\FileDlgs.lib"
    #link "lib\StringLib.lib"

With libraries and SLL modules, you join the big league of professional programming languages.

As an additional bonus, you don't have to wade through a gaggle of incompatible include files, if the SLL or library works, it works without a mountain of incompatibility and clutter.