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A new tool for embedding icons in an SLL module

Started by hutch--, March 26, 2022, 10:47:39 AM

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In the normal course of events, resources for a Windows application must reside in the resource section of an executable file which excludes an SLL module but there has always been a way to circumvent this design. You directly embed the resource data, an icon in this instance as binary data and simply access that binary data within the module.

This tool, ResSLL.exe automates this task so that you can routinely make a library of predefined icons that can be used in other SLL modules in the same library or directly in an application.

I could wax lyrical but the app has its own help file (in Technicolor) that should make sense of what it is and what it does.


This is an icon library build with ResSLL. A collection of 8 32 pixel icons, individually built with ResSLL then combined into a single library. The demo show how to use them. To build the library from source icons, you will need to set the PB path in "makepb.bat" and it should build OK.