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Tool for making ASMDATA procedures in PowerBASIC

Started by hutch--, April 02, 2022, 09:23:16 AM

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I needed a tool that was fast enough to directly make ASMDATA blocks from any file type to use with PowerBASIC and I already had a tool for MASM that came close so I warmed over a 2010 tool as the PB DB blocks are the same as MASM and it has turned out OK.

I post here primarily for some of our members who use PowerBASIC and anyone else that uses it, including members of the PB forum are welcome to use it. It builds at 52k, its guts are mainly written in assembler and you will not grow old even building BIG files with it.

The biggest file I have tested it with is the 24 meg version of WIN32.HLP and it happened in a second or so.