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Started by JK, May 16, 2020, 01:27:36 AM

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Quote from: greenozon on October 06, 2022, 03:08:52 AMDoes anyone knows if there is a replacement of rc.exe (+rcdll.dll) by MS as it is crashing on my another testcase:
post your .rc file, maybe someone can help determine the cause for the crash better that way.
Also, is it the same version of rc.exe and rc.dll?

Even better, attach your entire project in a .zip file. This way other members may be able to see if a different rc.exe/rc.dll versions makes a difference. Possibly an error in the .rc file?


Hi greenozon,

You can also try Pelle's resource compiler porc.exe :

Pelles Resource Compiler, Version 11.00.0
Copyright (c) Pelle Orinius 1997-2021

Dependencies :

E:\PellesC\Bin>podump.exe /IMPORTS porc.exe | findstr ".dll"


Its usually the case that if you have an error in an RC script, RC.EXE will crash and leave a dead temp file in the directory where you are building the app. The solution is to fix any errors in the RC script. Also with RC.EXE, use the /v switch (verbose mode) as it can be useful in determining problems.

Pelle's tools work well and are always up to date, you can also try his resource compiler.


Yet another question on polink.exe

Goal: I'd  like to generate debug info and benefit from it in either Ida or Ollydbg
what are my stept to reach the goal?
I'm using x64 bits env

I"ve tried the /DEBUG option to linker but it says

Writing debug information
POLINK: warning: Unrecognized version (241) of debug symbols in object 'tut_1.obj'; ignored.

Also when I tried to feed the generated .exe into Ida it doesn't see any debug symbols..

but it complains on another issue (not related I guess to the debug stuff)

The imports segment seems to be destroyed. This MAY mean that
the file was packed or otherwise modified in order to make it
more difficult to analyze. If you want to see the imports
segment in the original form, please reload it with the
'make imports section' checkbox cleared.


polink 8 don't handle microsoft x64 debug format.
polink from 10 use own debug format.

Private PellesC x64 generated debug formats:
polink 8 PO64
polink 9 P10
polink 10 PO11
polink 11 PO11

May the source be with you


Thanks for clarifications
what about another cmd line option of the linker:


From polink 11 help:


The /DEBUGTYPE option specifies the kind of debug information placed in the executable file. It can either be Pelles C information (/DEBUGTYPE:PO), COFF information (/DEBUGTYPE:COFF), or both (/DEBUGTYPE:BOTH).
As of version 9.00, for compatibility with previous versions, /DEBUGTYPE:CV will be accepted but mapped to /DEBUGTYPE:PO.

The Pelles C debug format is the preferred format, the COFF debug format is generic and easier to produce but contains much less information.
May the source be with you


so by specifying cmd options
some debug info was embedded into built executable
following tests shows that neither OllyDbg x64 nor x64dbg debggers were able to benefit from that debut info
the winner is IDA (7.7) - it was able to read the debug info and show symbols inside the assembly listing!