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Sony 25" OLED Medical Monitor

Started by shankle, December 02, 2012, 05:46:18 AM

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This monitor costs about $5000. I never knew one existed until today.
They are only supposed to be working on TVs. Monitors  were supposed
to be down the road about 5 years from now.
I hear that the OS is supposed to be graced with the 1st in the store OLED
TVs for us poor slobs. Hope that is correct. Time to move to the OS.
Wonder why the USA is last to get it......


Seems there is a new kid on the block called Qled. Have no idea if this is better
than OLED. They claim that manufacturing the Qled is cheaper than OLED. They
are still having problems with burn in. Seems that I will not live long enough to
see a 25" TV that has no burn in problems in OLED. Not sure if the color blue
problem has been licked yet.
The HARDFORUM is a great place to get detail info on this new teck.