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A pair of bugs in Kernel32.lib and kernlp.lib (solved)

Started by rsala, July 28, 2012, 03:54:50 AM

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Hi All,

As you probably know, the latest release of MASM32 has a pair of bugs in the kernel32 library referred to Module32First / Module32Next and Process32First / Process32Next API functions. According to Microsoft MSDN, the ANSI versions are not Module32FirstA / Module32NextA nor Process32FirstA / Process32NextA, but Module32First / Module32Next and Process32First / Process32Next. So when you call Module32First, even if the __UNICODE__ constant is set, you are calling the ANSI version, which is Module32First, and the same happens for Module32Next, Process32First and Process32Next (no problem with Unicode versions as they are Module32FirstW, Module32NextW, etc.). These bugs cause serious problems when you are using the ANSI versions of any of those functions.

I have fixed the problem modifying the file (lines 1582 to 1586 and 1712 to 1716) and rebuilding the kernel32.lib. Now everything works fine, so I attach both files for those who want to fix them. Just replace (in MASM32 include folder) and kernel32.lib (in MAMS32 lib folder) with the ones attached to this post.


EC coder


Hi rsala,

You are right, thanks. Here is how it looks :

dumpbin /EXPORTS C:\WINDOWS\system32\kernel32.dll >exports.txt

        605  25C 000653A0 Module32First
        606  25D 000652E7 Module32FirstW
        607  25E 00065525 Module32Next
        608  25F 00065484 Module32NextW

Tested on a XP SP3 system.


Hi Vortex,

Thank you very much for testing it.


EC coder


as i recall, there were a few other kernel32 functions that had the same issue
also - the same issues occur in



Sorry, but I was not aware of the same problem in files. Anyway, I've just fixed the bug and the new (and fixed) files are attached.

EC coder


Here is one more bugfix related to GetEnvironmentStrings (see old forum thread): Admin' EDIT: This 'link' No longer Works

include \masm32\include\
uselib kernel32Fix


these are nasty... i'ld recommend including that in the official download package  :eusa_naughty: XP SP2 is the same...  8)


What is kernl32p ? Such DLL dont exists in windows, if I try to compile - windows loaders say error..
Why is it?
Sorry for the bad English