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Compiler did not catch

Started by shankle, November 01, 2018, 07:00:13 AM

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    Running GoAsm 64-bit.
    Swh12  dd  0
    mov rcx,[Swh12]
    The compiler did not catch this
    Swh12 should be defined
    Swh12  dq  0
    Thought you might want to know   


Thank you Yuri for replying.
I stand corrected.
Will in the future have to be more careful about sizes of
items I use. It is sure hard to find your own errors like
the one I made. But now I will be on the lookout for
this kind of error.


I use prefixes to remind myself of variables' sizes. wMyVar, dwMyVar, qwMyVar — word, double word and quad word respectively.