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Potential error in JWasm offsprings

Started by _japheth, May 31, 2024, 05:49:01 PM

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This code may cause problems when assembled:

;--- v2.18: problem if the name of struct member matches the name
;--- of a stack variable ( or a procedure ):
;--- if the structured variable isn't defined, the stack variable
;--- becomes "unknown". Worse, if a listing is to be produced, an
;--- infinite loop may be entered.

.MODEL flat
option casemap:none

DDS struct
dwSize dd ?
dwOfs  dd ?
DDS ends


;dds DDS <0,0> ;<--- problem: the variable isn't defined


P1 proc

local dwFirst:dword
local dwSize:dword
local dwThird:dword

mov dwSize, 0
mov dds.dwSize, 0
mov dwSize, 1
mov dds.dwSize, 1

P1 endp

call P1

end start

It may also concern uasm and asmc...
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Hi Japheth
Thanks for the report.
I was also able to confirm the same behaviour with UASM.
The assembly process went into an infinite loop and I had to shut it down.