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Tiny C run-time startup modules for Pelles C

Started by Vortex, April 10, 2017, 05:32:52 AM

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Tiny C run-time startup modules for 32-bit and 64-bit coding to reduce the size of Pelles C executables.


Works fine here Erol. You would need to add a manifest and version control block but the size is great.


Here is the new version of the tiny C run-time library with some minor improvements.


Window.c: warning #2118: Parameter 'hPrevInstance' is not referenced. :eusa_naughty:

Just joking - nice work, Erol :thumbsup:


I have used NoCRT project with Pelles C, like in TLPeview, when i wanted clone to have similar size with pure C.
May the source be with you


Hi Timo,

Sorry maybe I missed this one :

Is it the project you are mentioning in your message?


Not a that project.
Only a couple C files and some essential parts of pocrt.
And for console programs just lib for msvcrt.dll
May the source be with you