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I have updated the advapi32.lib and for CreateProcessWithTokenW.

Started by Fraile, December 27, 2019, 11:40:50 PM

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I have updated the advapi32.lib and To be able to work with the CreateProcessWithTokenW function.
The case is that Easy Code does not show me in red, the name of the function, or the arguments of the function. And if I compile, it gives no mistakes. I have to update something in easy code, to show me the arguments of the function ?.

The advapi32.lib, I have taken it from the Windows 10 SDK and the, I have created it with the utility of masm32 l2inc.exe

Thank you,


Hi AsmAlmeria12,

Thank you for reporting that issue and for using Easy Code.

The problem is that the CreateProcessWithTokenW function is not listed in the 'ApiCalls.txt' file (located in the '\EasyCode\Api' folder). It will be added for next versions of EC v2, but meanwhile you can download the attached file and unzip it, then replace the 'ApiCalls.txt', in the '\EasyCode\Api' folder, with the one you downloaded and unzipped.


WARNING: Not all API functions are listed in the 'ApiCalls.txt' file.
EC coder


EC coder