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Cannot access Easy Code help

Started by caonen8425, February 22, 2020, 10:19:13 AM

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Running Easy Code on windows 7 pro.

Am in Easy Code for the first time, trying to orient myself before diving into my first project.  Selecting 'Help->Easy Code Help File' opened the compiled html help for EC (EasyCode.chm, approx 1MB in size).  Table of Contents looks great, but selecting any of the TOC entries (single click, double click) does nothing. I thought that, for the size of the .chm file, there would be some content.

Am I doing something wrong?
Is the IDE's help content simply not yet provided?



Thanks for using Easy Code!

I think the problem is (probably) that the help file is blocked by Windows. This is something that Windows does from Windows Vista with ".exe", ".chm", ".pdf" and other files and has nothing to do with Easy Code. Please do the following:

- Right-click on the "EasyCode.chm" file and in the context menu click "Properties".
- If there is a button named "Unblock" (Windows 7) click it and then click "Ok".
- If you are using Windows 10 there will be a "check box" also named "Unblock", select it and click "OK".

That should solve the problem. If not, please let me know.


EC coder



Thanks much...the help file was "blocked".  Problem solved.


EC coder