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Auto indent problem in EC (bug 1).

Started by AssemblyChallenge, August 04, 2015, 02:32:48 AM

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Hi Ramon.

As you asked me before, I'm reporting others bugs found while working on EC. As the one with the color change proved to be difficult, I was -sort of- waiting to be resolved first, avoiding overwhelm you with more stuff.  :icon_redface:  But now that you are working on EC v2, maybe this reports, specially the one regarding screen awareness, could be included in the new version.

Now into business: The first problem is related to the auto indent feature, which works fine most part of the time. Indenting is one of my tools in order to keep the code ordered and legible. This includes var and structure declaring where EC likes to "force" them to the left side, the same history goes with labels, which I arrange -sometimes- not to the left. In both cases I "fight" with EC, moving elements into the place I want, several times, until I succeed. The workaround is selecting more than a line at the time and then indenting, this way it keeps them in place.



Easy Code tries to beautify the code lines but it is not always smart enough .If you do not want a line to be indented (nor modified) by EC without disabling the line correction options, just pres the F12 key after modifying the line and just before moving the cursor to anoother line.

Hope that helps!
EC coder