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A pair of questions about x64dbg

Started by Mikl__, April 23, 2023, 09:08:20 PM

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  • How to run x64dbg from the command line in fullscreen mode? in windowed mode?
  • How to run x64dbg from the command line "x64dbg test.exe" to the beginning of test.exe in memory? Analogue of pressing F9?


1. Try Options/GUI/Save GUI layout
2. Insert an int 3 where you want it to stop

x64 is a lousy product, but I am afraid the alternatives are equally bad, if not worse.

See also

Recent versions produce an error "File read thread finished" followed by a blank screen, see this SOF question. On the same issue, there is an answer by mrexodia (the x64 author): "x64dbg will only debug executables that can be started by Windows using CreateProcess". Which is plain nonsense, of course.