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High Contrast mode

Started by Biterider, August 31, 2022, 05:33:38 AM

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I learned from HSE that there is a Windows rendering mode called High Contrast which I don't think is well known and some applications that use owner-drawing are not prepared for it. At least that's what happened to me, but I've also seen that there are some glitches with so-called professional software such as Chrome.
Reading the documentation, I found that there were many changes in terms of look and themes that have been introduced with all the latest versions of Windows that have left a huge mess behind.

Here are some links that can be of interest:

I checked all ObjAsm applications to react to the rendering mode change (on the fly) and check for the proper rendering mode calling the SystemParametersInfo API with the SPI_GETHIGHCONTRAST flag set.
Very importat seems to be the compatibility section in the manifest and to adhere to the few remaining colors of the GetSysColor API (check the Windows 10 or greater remarks).

After a while programming in High Contrast mode, I get used to it  :cool: